Mission & Core Values


Our mission is to support a model high quality international level school offering a cost-effective, broad, and challenging educational program to students in South Africa and beyond.


Driving the mission of DHCC are these values by which we operate:

  • Christ-Centred having the life and teachings of Jesus Christ permeate every aspect of the school program.
  • Character having teachers and students who reflect a Christ-like character, including the characteristics of love, self-sacrifice, compassion, grace, honesty, and integrity.
  • Commitment having a school community that accepts and demonstrates commitment to Jesus Christ, the church, and humanity.
  • Excellence having the highest level of quality inherent into every aspect of the school program.
  • Knowledge having educators committed to infusing spiritual development with knowledge to allow students to reach their maximum potential.
  • Accessibility being accessible and affordable to all who are willing to make Christian education a sacrificial priority.
  • Diversity promoting and nurturing respect for the diversity found in God’s creation, including differences in ethnicity, economic status, capabilities, social backgrounds, physical attributes, gender, and religion.
  •  Relationships developing positive relationships with all members of God’s family by living a caring, loving lifestyle. Service—following Christ’s example, with administrators, teachers, students and the larger school family modelling a pattern of lifelong service to God and humanity.
  • Holistic providing students an education that emphasizes development of spiritual, mental, physical, and social abilities in preparation for living a positive, happy life on this earth and throughout eternity in heaven.