General Policy Instructions

Dress Code

DHCC requires the wearing if uniforms as part of the normal dress requirement.  We believe this is important in achieving our goals as a Christian school, and we expect parents to understand and support this policy by cooperating in every way. The dress standards of emphasize neatness, cleanliness, and modesty. Students are expected to comply with the Dress Code Policy. Compliance should be consistent and cheerful. Repeated offenses or an attitude of disregard for Dress Code Policy standards established by the School Board may result in dismissal from school.

  • Uniforms can help children to perceive each other as equals. Fewer occasions for rivalry will help focus attention on the main reason for the school – a sound education.
  • Attractive uniforms are a constant reminder of the special nature of the private school and help foster an important group consciousness important in a society emphasizing only personal individuality.
  • Uniforms will help students learn to distinguish themselves by performance, achievement and other important ways rather than by non-merit reasons such as clothing.
  • An atmosphere of professionalism and dignity is encouraged with uniforms and children can learn to appreciate the identification and privilege they represent.
  • Schools that use uniforms have a marked improvement in grades overall.
  •  We also believe that having just a couple sets of school clothes can help parents save money on clothing over a period of time, which teaches everyone good stewardship.
  • Most uniform items will be available at the school shop.
  • Guidelines have been established and are obtainable from the school secretary to help parents and students in the selection of appropriate attire for school.
  • The following items are NOT allowed as part of the Dress Code Policy for boys or girls:
    • Jean-style pants, corduroys, or cargo pants
    •  stretch-type outer clothing
    •  holes or patches in pants
    •  baggy pants, shirts, or sweatshirts
    •  sleeveless shirts/blouses (boys/girls)
    •  Casual hats in the  premises
    • Boots in the premises.
    • Visible T-shirts and undershirts worn under the shirt must be black in colour.
    •  All shirts should be appropriately sized.
    • Shirttails must be tucked in at all times except during PE.
    • Hairstyles are expected to be neat, attractive, and not of a nature to attract unusual attention.
    • Hair should be kept out of the face and away from the eyes.
    • Students’ natural hair colouring is expected.
    • Faddish or extreme hairstyles will not be permitted.
    • Jewellery (rings, bracelets, chains, earrings, etc., including toy or string-type jewellery and hair supplies around the wrist) may not be worn.
    • Any make-up that is clearly visible is not allowed.
    •  Eye make-up, lipstick
    •  Coloured nail polish may not be worn.
  • An instant R50.00 Dress Code fine may be assessed for failure to abide by the Dress Code.

Student behaviour

Personal Conduct

Everyone has the right to feel safe, not be afraid of being hurt, or harmed, especially while in school.  It is every student’s responsibility that while he/she attends this institution he/she will reflect a Christ-like character.

Every student must respect their bodies as a temple of God and therefore resolve in their heart that, with the help of God, parents, and teachers, they will refrain from engaging in, or encouraging others to engage in, the following:

  • Displaying Affection – physical affection, such as hugging, kissing, holding hands, or inappropriate touching during and after school.
  • Possession or use of weapons.
  • Fighting, inciting a fight, or encouraging the continuation of a fight.
  • Smoking, or the possession, sale, or use of any tobacco products, alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Gambling, or possessing playing cards, dice, or other gambling materials.
  • Coercion or extortion of money, services, or favours.
  • Vandalism of any (school, neighbourhood, or staff and student) property, i.e., writing on desks, restroom stalls, tagging the school, etc.)
  • Assault, and/or harassment in any form (physical, verbal, or sexual).
  • Graffiti or defacing property.
  • Throwing of snowballs, ice balls, rocks, etc.
  • Possession, sale, or use of any forms of weapons and their look-alike.
  • Threatening another student or encouraging a threat.
  • Using profanity, slang, vulgarity and/or sexually suggestive language, derogatory comments, gang symbols (i.e., hand motions, shakes, etc.), obscene gestures, or behaviour.
  • No inappropriate words or symbols that do not reflect our Christian values on any school or personal items. It will be at the discretion of the administration to deem what is acceptable.
  • Disrespect toward any adult or student or refusing to cooperate with any staff member at this school.
  • Leaving the school building and/ or campus without permission.
  • Bringing into the school and/or on school grounds any inappropriate literature (i.e., magazines, “action” toys, or any other inappropriate toys etc
  • Having tattoos, or any type of bodily drawing.
  • Becoming pregnant, both (if from DHCC) students will be asked to withdraw from school and study from home.
  • Suicidal tendencies ,students are encouraged to share their problems with peers and staff especially the Chaplin and spiritual formation team.
  • Any behaviour or disruption identified by teachers and/or staff that is disruptive in nature to the school climate.
  • Stealing
  • Cheating
  • No cassette tapes, CD’s or other types of electronic equipment should be brought to school unless requested by the teacher for a class project.  If found they will be taken away until the end of the school year.
  • Students are to be quiet when walking in the hallways.
  • The police will always be called when criminal acts are involved. (Zero tolerance policy).

Classroom Conduct

  • Being on time to each class.
  • Having the proper materials (book, paper, pen, pencil, etc.) and completing all assignments on time.
  • Listening to the teachers and following their directions and the rules set forth in the student handbook.
  • Not talking without permission, in appropriate verbal harassment.
  • Respecting the rights of all students to work and learn without interruption. This includes leaving my seat without permission, pushing, and/or shoving other students.
  • Taking good care of all school property.
  • Being especially careful not to lose or damage textbooks. Students will be charged for damage done to textbooks.
  • Never chewing gum, eating or drinking anything in class.
  • Following the rules established by each of my teachers.
  • Not being out of my classroom without a hallway or restroom pass.
  • Not cheating
  • Being honest
  • Admitting and learning from mistakes made.
  • Apologising
  • Show appreciation
  • Students will be expected to attend ALL school functions such as music programs, science fairs, co-curricular activities, clubs etc.   Failure to attend will affect the student’s grade.
  • Stealing

If a student chooses not to fulfil  their responsibility, and do not live up to the high expectations that the Divine Heritage Christian College has set for all of its students, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the adult in charge. This could involve any of the consequences listed in the Disciplinary Measures section


The DHCC  telephone is a business phone. Students should not ask to use the telephone unless there is an emergency. Calling parents or guardians to bring forgotten items such as lunches, homework, musical instruments, etc., does not constitute an emergency. Administration will not disturb students and teachers by calling the classroom telephone except for an emergency. In case of student illness, the parent or guardian will be notified. Students may not use personal cell phones at school— before, during, or after school— without staff authorization.

Religious Convocations

The DHCC student body meets every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for assembly at 07:45 but 12:45 on Friday for an early vespers. Speakers include pastors, faculty, invited guests, and students. In addition to the regular assemblies, two additional times are set aside each school year for special spiritual emphasis. These fall and spring convocations feature student and guest speakers. Family members and church members are welcome to attend these special programs.

Closed Campus

The school is responsible for all students during school hours. For this reason, students may not leave the school property at any time unless they have a written note from the parent parents (e-mails accepted) and the permission of the teacher. Telephone calls and voice messages are not acceptable. For the safety of our students, when parents find it necessary to take their children off campus during the day, they are required to sign their child out at the school office. Guests who wish to visit on campus during regular school hours must secure permission from the school secretary.