Registration and tuition fees

Registration and entry month fees must be paid directly into the DHCC bank account, no later than a week before opening of schools at entry. The remainder of the fees are payable monthly via bank stop orders on or before the first day of each month.  Registration fees include, house t-shirt, recruitment camp and stationery pack. Registrations fees are non-refundable once the student has attended the recruitment camp and has received stationery.  

School Fees Tuition and other school fees are reviewed and set yearly by the School Board. All payments are made online through bank stop orders by filling in appropriate forms at the school office. Failure to meet financial obligations may result in a student being excluded from classes until the balance is paid in full or satisfactory arrangements are made.

Tuition Discounts Tuition discounts are given when more than one student in the family is enrolled at DHCC. Families with two children receive a 5% discount per child, families with three children receive a 10% discount per child, and families with 4 or more children will receive a 20% discount on tuition.  A 5.1% DISCOUNT WILL BE PREFERRED FOR STUDENTS WHO PAY THE TOTAL ANNUAL FEES ON OR BEOR END OF FEBRUARY EACH YEAR


Availability on the DHCC buses will be on a first come, first serve basis, on the parent’s account. Some families may not be accepted, due to location. This will happen after we review where all of the bus riders are located. If students wish to be put on a waiting list, they will register at the College. Please bear with us in this regard should your child not be accommodated on the DHCC bus.