In harmony with our school philosophy, Bible instruction is Bible-based. Its influence permeates every subject and every school activity. While the Bible curriculum is primarily concerned with the affective rather than the cognitive domain, Bible class instruction seeks to develop independent thinking. In the pursuit of biblically sound conclusions, individual opinions and questions are respected. Students are encouraged to apply biblical principles to their lives and experience a love for the Word of God through personal experience. Class activities are designed to lead students to a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The relationship of creation to the Sabbath and other distinctive Seventh-day Adventist beliefs is presented. An appreciation of the human body as the temple of God provides the basis for practicing divinely given health principles. Activities are also provided that encourage exploration into the scientific process through the pursuit of outdoor education.


Mathematics instruction is designed to instil values of accuracy, honesty, thriftiness, and Christian stewardship. In order for students to be good stewards of their time and money and to carry out their responsibilities as members of the church and citizens of their country, they must have a thorough understanding of mathematics and be able to apply its principles to everyday life. Many activities and manipulatives are used to aid students in mastering basic concepts of math and to increase their abilities to problem-solve.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum is designed to lead students to an understanding of the working out of God’s purpose in the history of nations and of the great brotherhood of society. The scope of the program includes the study of geography, the history of God’s leading among nations, and the mission program of God’s people. It presents broad, comprehensive views of life. The study of the facts of history along with current events prepares students for life in a constantly changing social environment. Instruction will not only present facts, but will also enable students to form meaningful concepts and values.

Language and Arts

Language and Arts instruction integrates language skills into all curriculum areas. A variety of reading venues is provided to teach students to read and think critically, to use correct grammar skills, to build vocabulary, and to develop writing skills. The use of literature and poetry in Drama provides aesthetic enrichment and opportunities for developing character-building skills in discriminating between the uplifting and the degrading.

Skills are taught that will prepare students to meet the challenges of advanced academic education and equip them to take their places in the work force in the future.

Physical Education  

A program of instruction is provided for all students through the LO syllabus. Directed work and play experiences enable students to develop physical, spiritual, mental, and social qualities as reflected through physical activities. A written excuse from a physician is required to excuse a student temporarily or permanently from the physical education program.


 DHCC students are provided with an opportunity to participate in musical activities, which promote student appreciation for good music. Students in Grade 8 and 9 receive classroom music instruction, which includes, but is not limited to, a basic understanding of musical rhythm and note-reading with singing, as well as the use of piano, organs, drums from around the world, recorders, and hand chimes. Students have the added option of developing their musical skills and appreciation by participating in band and select choir. Private music lessons are offered by DHCC associated private music instructors. Private music lesson fees are paid directly to the student account and not the instructor.


At DHCC, Computer opportunities are available for students within the individual classrooms. Formal computer instruction in the computer lab begins in grade 8. Students learn basic computer literacy, coding and keyboarding. Students participate in an integrated Microsoft computer curriculum that provides opportunities for learning how to use the computer as a tool to enhance and reinforce their studies throughout the school day.

 Creative Art

The Arts curriculum offered at DHCC, is the foundation of art instruction offered at the GET level. Art instruction incorporates a variety of media. Some art instruction is integrated into the core curriculum to provide a creative link within the regular curriculum. The art program is specifically designed to give students an appreciation of God’s beauty through aesthetic growth and creativity. It provides an outlet for creative expression for each student.