Attendance At DHCC

Regular attendance and punctuality are paramount to any successful learning experience and is important throughout a student’s entire school career and life in general.  Good attendance habits formed in the early years are fundamental in developing a sense of responsibility and in steady scholastic progress. Such habits will prove invaluable throughout life.

The ONLY legal excuses for absence or tardiness allowed under the South African Education Act are: sickness or death in family.  Please try to schedule doctor and dental appointments for after school hours.

Pre-arranged absence forms must be completed 2 weeks prior to the days that the student will be absent.

Absences and tardiness are entered on the student’s permanent attendance record.  On the first day of absence, the parent should inform the College at least 30 minutes before the start of school, to alleviate unnecessary anxiety on the part of the school.  If an absence or tardy is to be excused the student must bring a written excuse from home on the day they return to school. Written excuses should be thorough and specific. Excessive excused absences will result in the student being brought up for review by the admissions committee. When a student has been tardy three times, it will be recorded as one absence. Any student who accumulates more than 2 unexcused absences in two consecutive quarters will jeopardize their continued enrolment and their grade/credit in the class (please refer to the student/parent contract,).


Monday to Thursday 07:45am – 16:30 hours, Friday 07:45 a.m. to 14:30 hours.